Boun-Urbanscape Symbiosis

As Our Future Megacities Are Defining Themselves Every Day With Bustling Streets and Soaring Skyscrapers, a City Still Craves For Many Things But Mostly-an Identity. The 21st Century From Its Onset Is Rapidly Changing How We Live and How We Perceive The

As our future megacities are defining themselves every day with bustling streets and soaring skyscrapers, a city still craves for many things but mostly - an identity. the 21st century from its onset is rapidly changing how we live and how we perceiv <Cropped>

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Bibili by Thierry Michel Rosset

Thierry Michel Rosset Exhibits The Bibili Shelves System

Thierry Michel Rosset, the maker of the awarded design Thierry Michel Rosset's bibili shelves system explicates, Sober and classic in conception, these shelves impress with a strong personality. This comes from the inverted placing of the triang <Cropped>

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Camelly Jewelry by Hwanie Choi

Hwanie Choi Discloses The Camelly Jewelry Jewelry Branding

Hwanie Choi, the project leader of the displayed design Hwanie Choi's Camelly Jewelry Jewelry branding explicates, Camelly project expresses the beauty of the most luxurious and elegant jewelry in the world. The beauty of the gem shows a number <Cropped>

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Print by Kaijie Chen

Kaijie Chen Creates The Unusual Beauty Print

Kaijie Chen, the author of the highlighted work Award Winning Unusual Beauty Print says, Unusual Beauty is inspired by the crazy and beautiful side of mental disorders. To encourage and inspire people to optimistically see what had been passively se <Cropped>

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Calendar by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Shares The Calendar 2013 “rocking Chair” Calendar

Katsumi Tamura, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Calendar 2013 “Rocking Chair” - Calendar by Katsumi Tamura spells out, The Rocking Chair is a freestanding desktop calendar in the shape of a miniature chair. Follow the guide to assem <Cropped>

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Man Ring by Marcelo Lopes

Marcelo Lopes Spotlights The Naja Serpent Ring Man Ring

MARCELO LOPES, the creator of the displayed work Naja Serpent Ring by MARCELO LOPES explicates, This ring for man was inspired by several meaningful elements for law school graduates. Far from being a traditional college ring, Naja serpent ring is <Cropped>

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1893 From The Makers of Pepsi-Cola-Can Design by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The 1893 From The Makers of Pepsi-Cola Can Design

The creative mind behind the award winning work Acclaimed Designer's 1893 from the makers of Pepsi-Cola Can Design spells out, 1893 from the makers of Pepsi-Cola is rewriting the history of refreshment. Bringing together premium ingredients—a <Cropped>

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All-in-One Home Audio System by The Staff and Directors At Amr Ifi Group

The Staff and Directors At Amr Ifi Group Creates The Ifi Retro Audio System All-in-One Home Audio System

The staff and directors at AMR iFi group, the designer of the award winning design iFi Retro Audio System - All-in-one home audio system by The staff and directors at AMR iFi group spells out, The Retro Stereo System is an audiophile standard, all in <Cropped>

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Award Winning 3m Ptl Kit Educational Kit

Lawrens Tan Designs The 3m Ptl Kit Educational Kit

Lawrens Tan, the creator of the award winning project Award Winning 3M PTL Kit Educational Kit spells out, This folder is exclusively given out to the children who purchases a 3M Polarizing Light. It educates about eye care tips, about how 3M Polariz <Cropped>

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Jose Angel Cicero and Sw Artists's Santander World Urban Sculptures

Jose Angel Cicero and Sw Artists Creates The Santander World Urban Sculptures

Jose Angel Cicero and SW Artists, the designer of the highlighted design Santander World - Urban Sculptures by Jose Angel Cicero and SW Artists spells out, Santander World is a public art event consiting of a group of sculptures that celebrate art an <Cropped>

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