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A6q Series

A6q series miniled tv adopts a pure minimalist design style, the layered flat design highlights the lightness of the whole machine. The optional desktop base and floor base provide users with more choices of use scenarios, and the design inspiration of the flat base comes from the ark. Minimalist aesthetic design, pure immersive full screen experience, to meet the needs of users in the new era.

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Poetry-Electricity combines wireless charger with tabletop atmosphere lamp. In order to relieve people's working pressure, the desktop charger is designed with a sense of context, which not only meets the basic functional needs, but also can be used as an ornament to create a relaxed working atmosphere. When working overtime at night, tree-shaped spherical atmosphere lights adorn the office environment, which break the indoor depression, cold and create a warm and relaxed office environment.

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Robot Manipulator

The Robot Manipulator is a control device that controls a robot or a mechanical arm. Many motion sensors are placed inside this control device. The sensors detect the movements of gestures and transmit these movement signals to the central processing unit. The processed signals can accurately control the robot. Or a robotic arm. Assist people to complete some tasks that cannot be done manually. This product is mainly used for precise control operations, such as some minimally invasive surgical operations, experiments that require very refined operations, remote medical operations, and so on.

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Pellet-X construction 3D printing guns are capable of being equipped with 6-axis and above industrial robots, achieving flexible printing of large construction components and structures. Users can directly import the 3D data information of the building model into the printing and processing master control platform. With a friendly human-machine interaction interface, it is easy for users to control the process and finish the printing task with high accuracy and efficiency.

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AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a platform specially designed and optimized for complex building construction environment, capable of being stuffed with robotic arms, or a lifting system as well as robotic arms. It can plan its own behavior according to the complex external environment, and help humans engage in dangerous construction work with its superb barrier-crossing ability and athletic performance.

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M-Robot is a modular multi-cabin robot designed for hotels, which provides a more convenient, secure and private contactless delivery solution. With 9 cabins which accommodate items of diversified categories. It pioneers a multi-task concurrent scheduling system that achieves real-time optimal route planning and multi-order continuous delivery. In addition, it can get the takeout from the storage cabinet and send it to the room, thereby providing a contactless delivery throughout the process.

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