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The year is 2030. Transportation has become sustainable, and DeliveE is the post office main mail distribution transportation mean. Environment Friendly, The vehicle is powered by a solar panel located at it's roof, backed up with battery pack. The vehicle operated by a computer system, which is synchronized with the mail app, which interfaces directly with the recipient himself. The smart car is loaded into the post office warehouses, and goes out independently to disperse the mail within the city. DeliveE represents a new era of A.I human being interaction.

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Cola is a delivery robot used in hotels, restaurants, and other indoor scenes of human-computer interaction. It has the functions of automatic delivery, events promotion, guests greeting and attracting, voice interaction, fully autonomous positioning and navigation, and independent collision avoidance. It is able to help businesses enhance service efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve the image of the site.

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The Fifth-Generation Waymo Driver

Waymo’s technology, called the Waymo Driver, has the potential to save millions of lives and improve mobility for people and things. The fifth-generation Waymo Driver can be applied to multiple vehicle platforms, from cars to trucks, and power use cases across ride-hailing, trucking, local delivery, and personal car ownership. The latest system is more powerful than ever before and designed for scale, enabling safer and easier transportation for both people and goods.

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This work is a product that realizes multi functions through modularization. The UAV can carry modules of various functions to complete various tasks. Its module functions include fire protection, delivery, spraying, camera, ultraviolet disinfection, sowing. The modules are connected by strong magnetism. The UAV can be added and carried modules according to personal preferences and needs, which truly realizes the multi purpose of one machine.

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Ston provides you a healthy and mindful break, as an alternative to smoking and drinking. Nosigner named the device Breather, as a reference to the unique mindful experience it provides. Although the structure is similar to an electronic cigarette, by adjusting the flow of air as well as other factors, you can experience something closer to a deep breath. This is the tool to change a harmful break with smoking cigarettes into a healthy one for mentally and physically.

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Chuangze Intelligent Disinfection Robot is an autonomous mobile intelligent disinfection robot for use in public places. It can disinfect the environment in an all-round way with its plasma air purification module, surround UV lamp and ground disinfection module, achieving a disinfection rate of 99.9%. Featuring face recognition, body temperature measurement modules and AI and in-depth learning-based natural language processing technology. It can accommodate needs of public places, enabling efficient, convenient and low-cost disinfection.

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