Photography by Ismail Niyaz Mohamed

Ismail Niyaz Mohamed Exhibits The Liveaboards of Maldives Photography

Ismail Niyaz Mohamed, the project leader of the highlighted work Photography:Liveaboards of Maldives by Ismail Niyaz Mohamed says, Image taken for liveaboards of Maldives cover photo year 2014. Was shot using a steady drone octocopter with a Nikon D4 <Cropped>

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Residential House:nature Base by Chin-Shu Chen

Chin-Shu Chen Designs The Nature Base Residential House

Chin-Shu Chen, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Residential House by Chin-Shu Chen demonstrates, This space was a pre-sale home, and the couple who bought the property commissioned the designer to make changes. After design process the space <Cropped>

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Urs China Interactive Public Art Installation Design Competition 2020 Lingyun Lane

The Competition Aims to Create Distinctive Entrances For Urs China’s Urban Renewal Project Lingyun Lane

The competition aims to create distinctive entrances for urs china’s urban renewal project lingyun lane.

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Interior Design:blue Sky Bay by Cheng-Che Chen

Cheng-Che Chen Portrays The Blue Sky Bay Interior Design

Cheng-Che Chen, the designer of the award winning project Blue Sky Bay by Cheng-Che Chen explicates, The design of bed and breakfast (B&B) must take into considerations its comfortability and commercial strategy. Bed and breakfast is to tourists <Cropped>

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Nasal Aspirator by Product Insight, Inc

Product Insight, Inc. Shows The Safety 1st One-way Nasal Aspirator Nasal Aspirator

Product Insight, Inc., the architect of the displayed project Product Insight, Inc.'s Safety 1st One-Way Nasal Aspirator Nasal Aspirator demonstrates, Utilizing a unique valve to create a one-way flow of air, the aspirator stays in place while t <Cropped>

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Award Winning Nest Speaker Nesting Speaker

Donita Viktoria Salazar Shares The Nest Speaker Nesting Speaker

Donita Viktoria Salazar, the creator of the displayed project Nesting Speaker:Nest Speaker by Donita Viktoria Salazar explains, Nest speakers offer unique properties in terms of technology. Both the portable and home speaker can function alone as w <Cropped>

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Yuka Fukuoka's Vrbal Vr App

Yuka Fukuoka Spotlights The Vrbal Vr App

Yuka Fukuoka, the author of the highlighted work VR app by Yuka Fukuoka points out, Vrbal is a smart VR experience that uses machine learning to help the user prepare for a specific anxiety-inducing event of their choice. The AI agent enables a virtu <Cropped>

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Perigives-humanitarian Movement Poster by Erin Da Eun Song, Jae Who and Yitong Shen

Erin Da Eun Song, Jae Who and Yitong Shen Discloses The Perigives Humanitarian Movement Poster

Erin Da Eun Song, Jae Who and YiTong Shen, the project leader of the displayed design Perigives - Humanitarian Movement Poster by Erin Da Eun Song, Jae Who and YiTong Shen explains, Perigives has created foldable posters with pockets, enabling people <Cropped>

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Private Home by Filippo Caprioglio

Filippo Caprioglio Shows The Casa Pal Private Home

Filippo Caprioglio, the thinktank behind the displayed design Award Winning Casa PAL Private Home explains, The project House PAL in Pordenone, in the north east of Italy, is based and inspired by the expansion and recomposition of all four facades w <Cropped>

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Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition 2020

Jiaxing Bus Shelter International Design Competition 2020! Total Prize Is Up to Rmb 90, 000 Yuan!

Jiaxing bus shelter international design competition 2020! total prize is up to rmb 90,000 yuan!.

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